Attach only to God

I have been studying the lives and words of the Carmelite saints Teresa and John. The concept that I struggle with the most is that of detachment. What does it mean to love totally and with abandon as Jesus loves without attachment? Jesus shows us the way. We are to love God with our whole self and our neighbor too. If the one or thing that I love in my life goes away or becomes angry with me and shuns me, if I am attached, I am devastated beyond repair. I am not free to live out the will of God for me. I may be attached so that I seek the other, my child, my spouse and want only to be with them and when I am not in their presence, then I am lost. I can only think of how to be with them again. If I love without attachment, I gain all. I enjoy those I love and I can let them go too. I am attached only to God and I detach from all that is not God. It doesn’t mean that I don’t love. It means that I love more perfectly without needing attachment or the response of the other. They are free to love me or not to love me and I may always love in return. God is with me and that is all I need. I may love totally and freely in the example of Jesus. God, please show me my attachments and help me to detach from all that is not you. Amen

Love, Mymom


Love and Kindness Counts

If you feel that you have harmed me in any way this year or at any other time, I have long forgiven you. If I have offended you or hurt you in any way, please forgive me. I am meditating daily on First Corinthians Chapter 13. I recommend reading this chapter as the definition of love and kindness. Don’t carry grudges, live your life each day with this passage in mind. It defines what love is and how we should love. Love God, Love neighbor…and don’t forget to love self with all humility. You are a unique, special, beautiful gift of God to the world. Love really is all you need. Be kind. Your words matter. You matter.

Surviving a pandemic and working on thriving during pandemic

  1. Get up at your usual time each day
  2. Work out at least 30-60 minutes each day
  3. Shower, dress to go out as if going out to work.
  4. Pray each day and attend church on Sunday even if it is to watch a service
  5. Tell your family you love them and be present with them.
  6. Keep your social media time and news time to a minimum (no more than 1/2 hour a day)
  7. Call and connect with a friend
  8. Send a thank you note. There is always someone to thank.
  9. Put energy into the work you have to do this day even and especially if your work today is to look for work.
  10. Keep your living space clean and tidy
  11. Mind your self talk to be positive and kind
  12. Notice all the blessings around you
  13. Appreciate those in your life with positive language, be helpful and kind
  14. Spend time alone meditating with God. He wants to talk to you and you have to be still to hear Him.
  15. Take a walk.
  16. Enjoy your children, grandchildren, family,, friends, co-workers and pets. Be kind.
  17. Say please and thank you and mean it.
  18. Apologize when you have been rude, tense, or vented
  19. Forgive and love unconditionally
  20. Pray for everyone to the right and to the left of you. Be kind and don’t say rude things about anyone. Instead, listen with generosity.
  21. Be open, listen, and be willing to change your mind.
  22. Remember that the media is entertainment and any resemblance to facts is coincidental.
  23. Wash your hands, wear a mask when you are in a public place, and be kind
  24. Go for your annual physical and your dentist appointment and get your flu shot
  25. If you are overweight, lose weight in a healthy way as the best thing you can do for your overall health.
  26. Read the Bible, a good novel, and a good non fiction book.
  27. Enjoy your spaces indoors and outdoors
  28. Go to the lake or park nearby.
  29. Listen to the wonder around you and seek peace.
  30. Volunteer, support your church and your charities.

God bless you and I pray for your health and well being. Love Mymom

Abortion and choice

When I was a teenager in the 70’s, I imagined what I would do if I got pregnant before marriage. I told my boyfriend that I would leave him for sure if that happened. I wouldn’t want to feel like he stayed just because I was pregnant. I knew I would move away from all those I held dear and get a new start with my baby in a new city. Fortunately, that didn’t happen to me. We went on to marry and have our children in God’s good time. But why did I feel so independent about my choice options. Why wouldn’t I choose to run to my Heavenly Father who loves me and to my earthly family who loves me and the boy who loved me then and loves me still. In my most troubled thoughts or times in my life, I always picture myself alone. That is just how the enemy attacks. He isolates us in our own thoughts, he separates us in our despair from the very ones who love us and can give us comfort, Dear Heavenly Father. Comfort us each in our lonely despair. Help us to run to you and those who love to wrap their loving arms around us to comfort us. In Jesus name. Amen.

Post Abortion Syndrome

On abortion and choice. When you think about your choices, please remember that I respect you. In my desire to protect your feelings, I may not always say or do the right things but for all of you who suffer the results and regret of abortion, I pray for you, I love you and I respect you. If you have chosen abortion at any time in your life, you have my deep sympathy for your loss. They told you at the clinic it would be over soon and you would never have to think of it again. Yet here you are. Thinking if it many times each day. You see a child of a certain age. Walk by a toy store or drive by an elementary school. You regret. You wish you could go back. You stuff those feelings. You cry but only on the inside. It isn’t popular to share your pain or to talk about the child that you lost. They told you that it would be over soon and you wouldn’t have to tell anyone and that you would forget. I’m so very sorry. I love you and your Heavenly Father loves you. Let us pray… Dear Heavenly Father, Please help this grieving parent to forgive his or herself and to forgive anyone involved in the death of the child. Please heal the deep hurt inside. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.