Post Abortion Syndrome

On abortion and choice. When you think about your choices, please remember that I respect you. In my desire to protect your feelings, I may not always say or do the right things but for all of you who suffer the results and regret of abortion, I pray for you, I love you and I respect you. If you have chosen abortion at any time in your life, you have my deep sympathy for your loss. They told you at the clinic it would be over soon and you would never have to think of it again. Yet here you are. Thinking if it many times each day. You see a child of a certain age. Walk by a toy store or drive by an elementary school. You regret. You wish you could go back. You stuff those feelings. You cry but only on the inside. It isn’t popular to share your pain or to talk about the child that you lost. They told you that it would be over soon and you wouldn’t have to tell anyone and that you would forget. I’m so very sorry. I love you and your Heavenly Father loves you. Let us pray… Dear Heavenly Father, Please help this grieving parent to forgive his or herself and to forgive anyone involved in the death of the child. Please heal the deep hurt inside. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


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