Surviving a pandemic and working on thriving during pandemic

  1. Get up at your usual time each day
  2. Work out at least 30-60 minutes each day
  3. Shower, dress to go out as if going out to work.
  4. Pray each day and attend church on Sunday even if it is to watch a service
  5. Tell your family you love them and be present with them.
  6. Keep your social media time and news time to a minimum (no more than 1/2 hour a day)
  7. Call and connect with a friend
  8. Send a thank you note. There is always someone to thank.
  9. Put energy into the work you have to do this day even and especially if your work today is to look for work.
  10. Keep your living space clean and tidy
  11. Mind your self talk to be positive and kind
  12. Notice all the blessings around you
  13. Appreciate those in your life with positive language, be helpful and kind
  14. Spend time alone meditating with God. He wants to talk to you and you have to be still to hear Him.
  15. Take a walk.
  16. Enjoy your children, grandchildren, family,, friends, co-workers and pets. Be kind.
  17. Say please and thank you and mean it.
  18. Apologize when you have been rude, tense, or vented
  19. Forgive and love unconditionally
  20. Pray for everyone to the right and to the left of you. Be kind and don’t say rude things about anyone. Instead, listen with generosity.
  21. Be open, listen, and be willing to change your mind.
  22. Remember that the media is entertainment and any resemblance to facts is coincidental.
  23. Wash your hands, wear a mask when you are in a public place, and be kind
  24. Go for your annual physical and your dentist appointment and get your flu shot
  25. If you are overweight, lose weight in a healthy way as the best thing you can do for your overall health.
  26. Read the Bible, a good novel, and a good non fiction book.
  27. Enjoy your spaces indoors and outdoors
  28. Go to the lake or park nearby.
  29. Listen to the wonder around you and seek peace.
  30. Volunteer, support your church and your charities.

God bless you and I pray for your health and well being. Love Mymom


Healthy body weight

As you grow From teen into your adult self, your body changes. For women, your hips and thighs fill out and take on a more womanly shape. For men, your chest fills out and you take on a more manly shape. You will gain a few pounds. This transition is hard for some people who want to stay in their teen age shape. Truth is, the only way to stay in your teen age shape is with unhealthy eating and exercise habits which may lead to an eating disorder.
It is normal to go from teen sizes to adult sizes in clothing increasing 1-2 sizes. How much is too much? I recommend talking to your doctor or using a website like which has a simple to use ideal body weight calculator. If you are in your healthy body range, congratulations. If not, ask your doctor for a plan that may help you. It really isn’t about weight, it is more about healthy eating habits and regular exercise. Healthy eating includes 3 -4 fruit, lots of vegetables, 8 ounces of protein, 2 -3 dairy and 2-3 whole grains daily. I’m short so I’m on the lower end of the range. Men will need to add a serving or two in those ranges. Healthy exercise is 30-60 minutes a day that includes cardio and strength training. I do 30 – 40 minutes of walking each day or 60 minutes if biking. I also do 10-15 minutes of push-ups and squats for my weight training each day. Apps I find helpful are myfitnesspal and 7-minute workout by Lolo.
Let us pray, Dear Heavenly Father, help me to take time with you in prayer each day, to eat healthy and exercise sufficiently as to be well. Thank you for my health. Thank you for this new day. In Jesus name. Amen.