Who is that person in the mirror?

This week I turned 55 years old. Mostly I still look like myself. I have made diet and exercise a priority. My spiritual health is important to me. I attend mass, pray, and meditate. I work in a challenging field. My husband and children are mostly healthy and happy. I’m happy. Thank you God!

Now when I look in the mirror, I am starting to see more of my mother’s face. The wrinkles around my eyes, the lines at my neck. My face is changing. My roots of my hair that need to be colored each month are very gray now. Who am I? I am not the same person that I was before. I have grown in age and wisdom. Prayer and study are always before me. I have so much more to learn and share. I have so much more service to offer.

Please when you look at me, see me. Seek to understand who I am. I will try to do the same for you. Today as yesterday and as tomorrow, I want to serve and I want to be seen as a daughter of God walking my walk along side yours. A sinner in need of our Savior Jesus Christ.

Let us pray. Oh God, please help me to serve you. Thank you for each birthday and for each new day. Help me to be present today. To experience this new day with all of my senses. To see and respond to the needs of those around me. Help me to listen to you in my life. Through Christ Our Lord. Amen