Give 200 percent

In relationships, give 200 percent and prayerfully seek the person who will give 200 percent. There is no 50/50 in a good relationship which leads to a good marriage. 50/50 says that I have expectations that we will each give half way to make us whole. In fact we each need to give 100 percent, better yet 200 percent. I’m all into this marriage. I’m my husbands biggest fan and he is mine. I am the person God chose to be my husband’s partner. God counts on us each day to be His eyes, ears, hands, and feet to accomplish His work as a team. God gave us each other. 200 percent. Let us pray.. Oh God, You are the source of our strength. Be with us and help us to see you in our good times and to allow You to see us through our bad times. In Jesus name. Amen. Mary mother of God, pray for us. St Joseph, pray for us. May we model our marriage after the Holy Family.


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