Cold Weather

I ride the light rail train to work each day. This winter has been challenging as we have had more cold weather than I can ever remember. This morning was -6 degrees Fahrenheit with wind chills to -20. I remember the first day of sub zero. It was very cold like today. The governor shut down the state and closed the schools and we were all glad. Now, to be honest, it doesn’t seem all that cold. I guess I’m use to it now.

I think pornography or bad language is like the cold. At first it shocks us but after being bombarded by the sights and sounds, we just get used to it. It is still every bit as cold and shocking but now our senses are use to the cold and the shock. Unlike the cold which will go away, the bad words and images which surround us are always there. Be careful what you get use to.

Oh Heavenly Father, help us to pay attention to the things around us. To bundle ourselves and protect us from anything that would harm us. Keep our eyes and ears fixed on you. Through Jesus your son. Amen



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