Advice from mymom

I thought of the name “advice from someone else’s mom” a few years ago but settled on the name “advice from mymom”.  I learned so much from my mother, my mother in law, my grandmother, my husband’s grandmothers, my friends that I’d like to share with you.  They each tried to share their wisdom with me.  Sometimes I listened but more often, I didn’t listen at the time. But whether I ran into difficulty or triumph, I reflected back on the events and recalled their wisdom.  I feel like who I am comes from each of them.  Most especially my mom.  The other reason for the name Mymom also comes from one of my children.  He noticed that he is one of four children and started calling me Mymom whenever he wanted my attention.  It became his name for me and I rather like it.  So in honor of my mom and in recognition of my son’s nickname for me, I’ll be Mymom in this blog.

I want to write these blogs for my children.  I have so much to tell them.  So much that I have learned from all those wise people that have been part of my life.  I could help my children avoid the mistakes that I have made.  But of course in life, we are all experiential learners and none of us seem to want advice from our own moms when they can see so clearly that we are in need of advice.  It is ok.  I forgive my children as my mom forgave me.  We moms always do.  I’ll write to you instead.  You can choose to hear advice from Mymom.  God bless you and all your intentions this day.

Love, Mymom


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