Goal setting

Did you know that you are a treasure? There is no one else with your gifts, your talents, your DNA. Your life will have many options along the way. You may work very hard to achieve a goal. If you achieve your goal, good for you! Maybe you wanted to run a race or pass a class or get a certain job. You planned it, you did the preparation, you did the work. The finish line is just ahead. You achieve the goal and it feels good. But there is a hollow feel to it. You want more. That is because you didn’t begin with prayer, listen in your heart to God’s response first and then plan your path to your goal. And there is more. When you achieve your goal, Thank God. Really, really Thank God. Oh Heavenly Father, please speak to me your words of truth as I plan my goals and as I achieve each goal, let me run to you with thanks and praise through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


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