Transitions make us anxious

Transitions can be hard for most people. We resist ending one thing and moving on to something new. We feel angst. We feel uncomfortable. We may be excited or sad. However we feel, those around us will sense our uneasiness. They may not understand and may feel distance when really, we are trying to hide our anxiety.

Actually, we can’t hide anxiety. Most of us wear our anxiety all over our faces and in our body language. People we love the most may take our anxiety personally and think our stress is about them.

Children especially will see and feel our stress and the children in your life need you to communicate.
So does your spouse or girlfriend or boyfriend. Talk about how you feel and what is next. Talk about specific actions you will be taking and ask for help along the way. Remember you are loved and you are not alone.

Oh God, help me to communicate with my family and friends. Help me to ask for help from you and those who care about me. Thank you Father for your steadfast love through Jesus our Lord, amen

Love, Mymom


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